For this assignment I have no idea how to process. But I uploaded everything of informations and materials to you, it will Including examples, requirements and resources. Please follow the requirement to complete my order. if this work need to reference an artist or any exhibition, please describe her works “http://audragraziano.com/index.html”.

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To complete a grant proposal for fictional or actual submission. Students will engage in practical application of grant writing skills. Careful consideration of grant format requirements, clear and concise execution of project proposal, and exploration of funding sources will be investigated during the course of this assignment.

–Select a grant from a variety of sources. Students may complete the Arizona Commission on the Arts Project Grant -or- complete an actual grant you have selected (please discuss with instructor prior to submission).
–Focus on steps to complete the grant following specific guidelines provided by grantors
–Have a completed idea/direction for your grant. You may approach the assignment as an artist, arts educator, curator, or fictional organization depending on your role in the visual arts.

••Please be creative and thorough. Try to improve your bio, resume, and statement previously completed in class, if these elements are requested as material for grant submission

Materials needed:
1. Grant Guidelines
2. Requested Documents- Bio, Resume, Artist Statement, Grant Application form, images, image list
a. Note: You are following the guidelines of the grant so pay careful attention to formatting and requirements.
3. Project Proposal- even if the grant/scholarship does not request a project proposal, students are required to submit a description of your intentions to complete this assignment

Students will submit a packet with the required materials listed in grant application

All students are required to write a description of the grant project. This is requested regardless of the requirements of the grant. (not all grants will call for a description of the project, if this is the case you will be submitting this document for class only).

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