HR managment ESSAY — career planning

Topic: HR managment ESSAY — career planning
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Career Planning
“Company funded career planning for an employee is no longer affordable or realistic. Within the new psychological contract staff should manage their own careers and their own career
development. People are too disloyal these days to warrant company investment; once they are trained they will leave in search of better pay. To put it simply: the days of a loyal employee are gone.” Dissect and discuss this quote weighing up its merits. Your paper should include a discussion of the role of career planning and build a case for or against employer funded career development and planning.
Use the material attached .
This piece of work should be written as an essay (headings are optional), not written as a report. Thus, presentation of ideas using tables alone or bullet point format is not appropriate. Ideas and points need to be developed, tables or figures used need to be explained, and arguments need to be persuasively developed and supported by facts and references. Your paper should flow in terms of the presentation of information, with sentences and paragraphs appropriately structured and logically linked. You should reference your work accurately, preferably using the Harvard (in text) citation method and a references list cited at the end of your essay. It is expected that students will do additional research to support the course readings and textbook.

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