How technology effects all forms of memory

Topic: How technology effects all forms of memory
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the subject of this paper isn’t actually psychology per say but it can be used a one of the many integrated subjects (especially as I am a psyc major). This course subject for this paper is IDST 400 which stands for Interdisciplinary Studies. Which is the study of how multiple subjects overlap on one particular topic such as memory and technology. This paper should integrate two or more (I’m going for multiple integrations)disciplinary perspectives and methodologies through completion of a major interdisciplinary research paper based in memory studies and will interpret research findings and draw appropriate conclusions, and will ultimately be an argumentative or persuasive research paper. Citation style for the paper will be determined by the predominant discipline of the subject. I have conversed with a customer service representative named Jesy and he informs me this subject should be fine. I will attach an outline of the first half of the IDST course to give you an idea of what the course is like, but this paper is for the second half (which doesn’t have an outline). I will also attach my research proposal, outline and literary review and you can use the sources and information to form the paper as you like but the paper doesn’t have to follow them if need be.

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