How Tasty was my Little Frenchman, 1971

Watch film, if possible, more than once: How Tasty was my Little Frenchman, 1971 (Brazil, dir. Nelson Pereira dos Santos) [Brazil]
Research: read about the historical period and non-fictional characters portrayed in the film. You should consult at least four scholarly historical secondary sources (articles or books) on the topic, and also if possible, some primary sources (diaries, memoirs, etc.)
Also, read about the background and intent of film makers. Why were they interested in making a film that deals with a particular historical topic? Were they influenced by particular social and political issues of their time? Did this affect the historical representations in the film?
In your essay you should:
-provide a brief description of the film (not more than one page)
-identify the historical theme or series of events, and the historical period represented in the film
Assess and account for how well the film maker has managed to convey a meaningful and convincing interpretation of this historical theme and/or historical events
In your assessment, consider the strengths and weaknesses of the film as a representation of the past
Explain the rationale you use for this assessment

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