How mindset affects professional development

According to Carol Dweck, many employers feel that “we’ve already created a generation of young workers who can’t get through the day without an award” (Stanford, 2014, 3:16). Given our need to understand the influence of psychology in the workplace, this milestone provides you with the opportunity to examine the psychological dynamics of a growth mindset as it applies to professional development. Completion of this milestone will prepare you for Project Three.
For this assignment, make sure to refer to the video, Developing a Growth Mindset With Carol Dweck. Respond to the following criteria in 3 to 5 sentences each, citing all sources in APA style:
• Describe how a growth (versus fixed) mindset affects professional development.
• Describe why understanding the difference between “the tyranny of now” and “the power of yet” is critical to professional development.
• Describe what potential strategies could be used to promote the development of a growth mindset environment in the professional setting.
• Describe how professional growth mindset environments can promote communication and collaboration.
• Describe how you would apply Dweck’s assertions in your efforts to lead others.

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