How can Jordanian hospitals improve their sensitivity when breaking bad news to patients

Topic: How can Jordanian hospitals improve their sensitivity when breaking bad news to patients

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-My masters in London is International Health Services and Hospital Management.
-This is the research proposal and I would like to continue with you if everything is alright to the dissertation which also will be the same topic which is more than 10,000 words.
-In summer I will start working not in my country Jordan nor here in England, that’s why even the Questionnaire(dissertation) will be done by your respected person as the customer service told me that it’s also part of your work.
-Here you will write about ”communication” as it’s part of management in breaking bad news to patients and comparing to ex. UK protocols and ethical issues……etc.
-Jordan is a developing country and I think that you can talk about any developing country and consider same as Jordan when it comes to easier access to articles because I think in Jordan there are not enough articles… so please give me your opinion and we might adjust anything more suitable for you from now.
-Objectives in general will be, what do staff do now?, how do they think their current practice could be improved?, why they do it that way?, how does current practice and staff suggestions for improvement with practice in the UK.
-We have to mention some management aspects because my masters is about hospital management.
– Reference style is Harvard-LSBU.
-Please if you have any suggestions or adjustments to make it easier for you inform me as we yet have some time to adjust the topic Question.
– Please our Professor is very picky so if you have any doubt or questions regarding the proposal ask me and I will ask to give you the final answer.
– I’m a bit panic so please let stay in touch to finish everything probably.
– I will upload some slides that describe what exactly they want.
– We have to submit after few days ”Research one-pager ” which describes briefly about what,why and how regarding the topic Questions in order for them to set a mentor for each one of us. So I will also upload the the one page ”Research one-pager” to fill it your style.
– From where I can upload files?!!
-This book is recommended to construct Questionnaires… Survey Research methods, D.A. DeVaus.
-The Questionnaires should be direct to doctors or personnel staff not patients .

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