hotel Marketing Plan

hotel Marketing Plan

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Individual Midterm Reflection Activities
This activity is an individual graded assignment. This assignment should be submitted as a short written paper (3-5 pages) presented in MLA format utilizing a minimum of (5) works cited from industry related sources or references.

Activity Part 1 (Marketing Plan) Instructions:

Describe (using demographic descriptors; age, gender, income, marital status….) who the target guests and/or customers are and how your selected example hotel currently markets to each of customer/guest types or groups.

Describe how the OUTLET is currently being marketed to the internal and external target guests and/or customers as described in number 1 above.

Discuss how much money a hotel, similar to the one you chose for you project, spends on marketing, in a single year, and then compare it to the cost figures (dollars or percentage of sales) you have chosen for your group budget 1.

(ps; my hotel; —The Benjamin NYC

Conclude the paper with some current ideas you have discovered through your research about hotel marketing that the property in your project should implement.

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