Horror Films

Zombie Invasion Night of the Living Dead (George
Romero, USA, 1968) And Dawn of the Dead (Zack Snyder, 2004)
Select any one (1) topic identified in the course outline — e.g. Religion & Horror; Horror of the
Unseen; The Monster Within, Body Horror, etc. Focusing on the film screened in class during
that week and one (1) additional film not screened in class from the relevant sub-genre,
undertake basic library research that will allow you to compare and contrast these two films and
place them within the broader history of the genre as a whole. For example, “Killer Scarecrow
(John Doe, 1970) and Scarecrow Kill Kill Kill (Jane Doe, 2002) are both examples of the killer
scarecrow sub-genre and each film explores themes of environmentalism and the deterioration of the human
body which reflect broader social concerns of the historical moment in which they
were produced.”

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