Holding individuals accountable for counter-terrorism policy

Holding individuals accountable for counter-terrorism policy

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In this module, you will write the second project of this course. The project is to write a term paper on a topic of your choice related to counterterrorism at home or abroad. You have wide latitude to write about something of particular interest to you. Project 2 is due by the end of Module 7.
Each student is to write a 2000-word or more term paper concerning the topic of choice. If there is any question about the topic you have selected, feel free to contact the instructor about it and together you can determine the topic’s appropriateness.
The paper should include at least seven references from books, scholarly journals, and government documents and reports. Internet web-page citations are permitted, but do not count toward the seven. Be advised that the problem with Internet sources, where an original source is not cited, is that anyone can say or represent anything on the Internet; in other words, there are no controls to ensure the information presented is viable.
However, articles and documents that you obtain by downloading from the Internet are acceptable toward the seven references. In such cases, the Internet is simply serving as a library for you to access independently existing resources. Those documents and articles can be cited for what they are with no mention that you obtained them using the Internet. However, Wikipedia is not an acceptable source for research papers.

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