History vs. Hollywood

How historically accurate was the film?

Did the film leave out important characters or events ? If so what and why?
Did the film add anything to the characters or events? If so what and why?

Did the film try to portray the main character in a positive or negative light? How? Halo effect or demonized two dimensional characters?

Was the film changed in any way to be politically correct or have better box office appeal? Was the film characters changed to portray an agenda?

What myths did the movie promote or dispel about the person/event?

What message did the movie convey about history?

Social Responsibility: ½ page:

What did you learn about life during that time? Hardships? Lifestyle?

Did the movie do a good job conveying an historical lesson?

When was the film made? How do you think that influenced the Movie? Was history changed because of modern events? Does this change your outlook of Hollywood?

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