“History of Emergency Communication & Dispatch”

After reading Chapter 1 “History of Emergency Communication & Dispatch” in the textbook EMS Communication and Information Technology, answer the review questions at the end of the chapter in a Word document.

Guidelines and Submission
Your response should be no less than 2-3 pages of written responses to the questions.

Include paraphrased wording of the question or at a minimum, the question number, before your response.

Answers will provide the detail necessary for the reader to understand your thoughts and what you have learned. One or two sentence answers are NOT adequate for developing the response.

Similarity scores are expected to be less than 20%. Similarity scores greater than 40% will automatically be returned for rework and resubmission. Avoid using the author’s ideas or quotes to answer the questions. They can support your ideas, but cannot be used to answer the questions.

If the question states “list” it also requires a discussion on what is listed. Avoid just listing items to answer the question – explain the meaning of the list or the items in the list.

Information that is acquired from a source must be cited in APA format.

References should be cited in the body of the paper in APA format.

Multiple valid sources must be used.

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