History and perspectives Psychology

History and perspectives Psychology

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The written assignment has a word limit. This is designed to promote the skill of concise expression of ideas. It is often easier to write a long, rambling essay than one that is contained and to the point. The word limit gives an indication of the depth of discussion that is required as well as the assignment length.
Assignment – Essay

You are required to construct an essay of 1000 words +/- 10% (the body of the essay to be maximum 4 A4 pages, 12-font Times New Roman with double line spacing) on one of the following three topics. The essay should be based on the Hergenhahn text along with two relevant research articles. Please do not use other introductory text books as extra references.

3. What is Gestalt psychology? Trace its historical origins, discuss its principles and explain its contribution to the broader field of psychology.
Students are asked to choose one out of the above three topics and write an essay. The main requirements of this assignment are that students present a well-constructed, well-written essay that complies with the appropriate elements of the publication manual of the American psychological association (APA) 6th edition (including a short abstract of up to 250 words) and that clearly addresses all aspects asked for by the essay topic. You should regard your main task as demonstrating your understanding to an interested, intelligent layperson. You should have a minimum of two references apart from the text.
The essay should have the following parts: An ECU Assignment Cover Sheet (can be downloaded via the ECU web site); a title page; abstract page; the actual essay (introduction, body, summary and conclusion); and a reference page.

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