Once you have watched the video, please submit a review for the video in this thread -highlight interesting facts you learned from the viewing that were not included in your textbook readings.

Elaborate on the most interesting section of the video and provide feedback as to why you found those particular sections intriguing.

Also, please explain how the video helped you understand the concepts in the book.

A review will meet the minimum requirements for passing if it consists of two paragraphs. A paragraph is comprised of at least eight, fully developed sentences–short, simple sentences are highly discouraged.

The first paragraph should include a detailed summary of the content of the video and the second paragraph should include a comprehensive discussion of what you found interesting and how that information complimented your textbook readings. You may include additional information in your responses if you so feel inclined.

To receive an A in your reviews you should go beyond the minimum required number of sentences and elaborate more fully about the video content and its connection to the textbook.

Please submit a Microsoft Word document to this discussion thread.

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