High prescription volume pharmacies

Here is an interesting case study (see attached) demonstrating how the system that supposedly has safeguards in place to prevent errors can break down at every point, resulting in dangerous harms to patients (the “swiss cheese effect”).

Locate at least 3 high-level sources (e.g., meta-analysis, RCTs, synthesis of RCTs,). Answer the 5 poignant questions below that come from this article for the discussion topic. Each question should be answered in 3-5 sentences each and supported by the evidence you locate.

High prescription volume pharmacies have devised ways to increase speed, including allowing patients to bypass counseling (insertion of written material and signing that additional counseling is not desired) which has removed the direct pharmacist–patient interaction. The pharmacist is one of the last lines of defense in medication profile safety.
1) Do high volume pharmacies and cessation of counseling threaten patient safety?
2) Have prescribers created a culture and atmosphere of being unavailable and resistant to pharmacy input regarding prescriptions?
3) Do physicians avoid consulting with pharmacists because of a culture where weaknesses are hidden?
4) Do physicians indirectly or inadvertently act as if they are superior to pharmacists?
5) Is this potential dynamic affecting patient care?
6) Think about our current pandemic circumstances with the overwhelmed healthcare providers on the front lines and hospital systems: How does this impact patient safety on the macro and micro levels?

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