Hershey’s expansion from a confection company

Please read the attached article CEO-Hershey.pdf Download CEO-Hershey.pdfon Hershey’s expansion from a confection company toward a snacking powerhouse and answer the following questions. Do NOT use any information outside this article. All questions can be answered using the details provided and your inference based on what is described. There is a very detailed rubric that will help you maximize your points, use it!

  1. Explain how/to what extent Hershey’s core competencies as described in the article help and/or hinder its goal to transform itself from a confection company to a snacking powerhouse.
  2. Assess what kinds of value diversifying into savory snacks and better-for-you snacks creates by conducting a 4 Cs synergy analysis (details here: Q7.2 Synergies (7 min)). After analyzing the 4 Cs (do NOT include any figures), describe what types of synergies you expect between which value chain segments and why.
  3. Assess and explain whether the transformation from confection company to snacking powerhouse requires a stronger focus on human integration or task integration (details here: Reading: Acquiring intellect (8 pages)).

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