Healthy People 2030

• Provides a clear description of the topic and your reason for choosing this public health issue. Support your description using recent news articles; YouTube; videos; TED talks; public health alerts; or personal experience as examples.
• Describe the impact of this health issue on the community (physical, economic, political,psychosocial or cultural).
• Identify Public Health Goals and objectives that can be utilized to support successful intervention to address this issue

 Healthy People 2030
 Public Health Objectives/Functions
• Suggest possible public health and nursing strategies to help intervene in this public health concerns (primary; secondary and tertiary levels of prevention).
• When presenting your topic you are expected to: Promote class involvement through discussion or other methods
• Submit a copy of your presentation to the instructor and post in the discussion board for your classmates
• Use at least three peer reviewed/professional references and lists them at the end of your presentation.

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