Healthy Aging

  1. When considering where an aging loved one will spend their final years of life, there are many options. Identify three options and outline the pros and cons of each arrangement. Complete the table below. You may write in complete sentences or list your pros and cons.

Living Options
Pros Cons
Option #1:

Option #2:

Option #3:

  1. It is important to develop some criteria when making decisions for living arrangements for yourself or your loved one in later years of life. Create a list of 7-10 criteria areas below to consider when making this decision and then add two to three questions to ask yourself for each criteria area. Two examples have been provided for you.
    Criteria Areas:
    a. Example #1: Cost: What is the cost of each of the living options? What is the financial status of my loved one and what can they afford? What insurance/Medicare/Medicaid does my loved one have and what options does that support?
    b. Example #2: Location: What location is going to be best for my loved one? Are there family and friends close enough to support/visit? Is the location walkable for my loved one to access the things they need?
  2. Let’s imagine that you have decided for yourself or your loved one that moving into a senior living/retirement facility is the best option. Your search has begun. Now it’s time for you to take two virtual visits to senior living facilities in your area/region to start your research. Select two senior living facilities to research and explore online. Apply the criteria areas and questions you created above to your search. Finally, you will compare and contrast your two options and share pros and cons for each facility. Examples are included below (from criteria areas above).

Criteria Area Facility #1 Name & Address:

Facility #2 Name & Address:

Example: Cost This facility ranges in price from $1,500-$5000/month depending on level of service. This facility does not accept Medicaid. This facility does not list their prices online. They do have a wide range of services from independent living to memory care so likely the price ranges widely. This facility does not accept Medicaid.
Example: Location This facility is located adjacent to many retail options including grocery, restaurants, services, and more. This facility is located near downtown with many walkable options. This location is farther outside of the city limits and may be a factor for family/friends near by. The facility is located near a YMCA however, there are not many other walkable options. This facility is located in a higher crime area.

  1. Now that you have had an opportunity to “virtual” visit two senior facilities and assess them on multiple criteria areas, it is now time to compare and contrast. Address the following questions with at least one paragraph including three to five complete sentences each.
    a. What are the pros of each facility?
    b. What are the cons of each facility?
    c. While not perfect, online reviews can be a powerful tool. Take a look at the online reviews for the facilities you chose. What did you learn from the reviews? What are the common trends?
  2. Now that you have taken a deep dig into two senior living facilities, imagine that you are a senior deciding for yourself between these two options. Which facility would you choose for yourself and why? Answer this question with at least one paragraph including three to five complete sentences.
  3. Now that you have completed this process, share what you believe to be the crisis in long term care in America. Answer this question with at least one paragraph including three to five complete sentences.

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