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The Mid-term Examination will cover textbook Parts I & II, as well as some of the case studies in part V. Total Points 100
Question 1 – Based on Chapter 1: Emerging Perspectives in Health Information Systems/Technologies (Health IS/IT
A.List the five major components of a health IS/IT system. Discuss which component deserves the most attention in today’s health IS/IT environment and why. Provide specific examples of each component in the context of your work.
B. If you were the Chief Information Officer (CIO), which of the four types of health IS/IT cultures would you pursue?
C. What is the concept of a digital health ecosystem? What significance and imp[act does such a system have on the transformation of health care services in the United States and other developed and developed countries? Points earned our of 15 possible:

Question 2 – Based on Case 1: (Page 391) “Digital Health Technology Commercialization Strategies”:
After reading Case 1, answer the following questions associated with the following statement:
“In today’s d-health (digital health) marketplace, you are asked to champion a new innovative product for detecting oncoming stroke with a digital monitoring device that would be wearable, so that potential patients could be alerted prior to the stroke’s onset”.
A. How would you go about setting up such a venture?
B. Discuss the different strategies that would be wise to consider.
C. Provide a recommendation for how you would proceed if you had just received joint two million dollars funding from both the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF)

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