Health policy brief

Health Policy Brief Part I Assignment Instructions:
Draft a health policy brief for stakeholders and community members. Particularly, you will identify a relevant healthrelated issue impacting populations and/or communities in the United States that has legislative and policy implications at the state and/or national level.
The assignment is not about identifying a policy or procedure at your place of employment, but rather identifying a systematic healthcare concern that has
legislative and policy implications at least at the state level. Sample issues may be identified in your state legislative website, board of nursing website,
public health department website, and/or national association website. In addition, your textbook addresses systematic issues such as smoking during
pregnancy, medical cannabis use, substance use disorders among health care providers, and patient safety outcomes, to name a few. Prior to beginning to
work on this project, please view the 18:36 minute video developed by the Women’s and Children’s Health Policy Center titled, The Art and Craft of Policy
Briefs: Translating Science and Engaging Stakeholders, which will provide you with an understanding on the development of a policy brief. The YouTube
presentation c

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