Discuss the Health/healthcare of your chosen country:

Is it national, private, etc.? If a country has both or additional types of healthcare, discuss all forms.
How much is spent on healthcare per capita and compare that to the U.S.
Indicate doctors per capita.
Are dietitians used in the healthcare system? If so, indicate number per capita.
Is their healthcare system considered good, bad, or acceptable?
How much is a typical doctors visit? Based on the economics above, does the average person have enough money to see a doctor?
Discuss each of the indicators of health below:

What are the top three causes of mortality?
What are the top communicable diseases and non-communicable diseases?
Rates of infant mortality
Rates of maternal mortality
Life expectancy
Overweight/obesity rate
Diabetes rate
Food insecurity rate
Rates of malnutrition
What do the above values tell you about the health of the county’s citizens?
What is the double burden of malnutrition?
Discuss key nutrition-related issues including:

Macronutrient/micronutrient deficiencies
Indicate WHO breastfeeding recommendations?
Give breastfeeding statistics for your country. For example, how long to women typically breastfeed? What percentage of women breastfeed? Include any pertinent information on this topic.
Are there typical micronutrient or macronutrient deficiencies that would cause problems for the mother or child with respect to breastfeeding? If so, discuss the issues.
Can the top three causes of morbidity (discussed above) be reduced from improved nutrition? If so, indicate how.

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Country: Canada Healthcare system: Public universal healthcare

Healthcare spending per capita: $4,670 (2020) Comparison to the U.S.: The U.S. spends $12,530 per capita on healthcare (2020), which is significantly more than Canada.

Doctors per capita: 2.5 (2020)

Dietitians per capita: 0.3 (2020)

Quality of healthcare system: Canada’s healthcare system is considered to be good. It is ranked 10th in the world according to the World Health Organization.

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Cost of typical doctor’s visit: Most doctor’s visits in Canada are covered by public health insurance. However, patients may have to pay a small co-payment.

Can the average person afford to see a doctor? Yes, the average person in Canada can afford to see a doctor. Public health insurance covers most doctor’s visits.

Additional information:

  • Canada’s healthcare system is funded through a combination of federal and provincial taxes.
  • All Canadians are eligible for public health insurance, regardless of their income or employment status.
  • Public health insurance covers a wide range of services, including doctor’s visits, hospital care, and prescription drugs.
  • There is also a private healthcare sector in Canada, but it is relatively small. Private healthcare is typically used for services that are not covered by public health insurance, such as cosmetic surgery or dental care.

Overall, Canada’s healthcare system is considered to be good. It is affordable and accessible to all Canadians.

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