Health care marketing research

After reading Chapter 5 answer the following question:
1, Listed below are the alternative samples obtained by a health care marketing research firm for its clients.
Which type of sample does each case represent?
(a) Ten people sitting in the waiting room are asked to describe the ambiance of the facility and the attitude of
the receptionist.
(b) The medical school samples alumni regarding an evaluation of their education. Respondents are selected
in an amount equal to the same population of specialties from the graduating class.
(c) The walk-in clinic calls every 15th patient who visited the clinic on Wednesday to assess whether the
patient was greeted by the receptionist and given a handbook regarding the scope of services and an
explanation of how the clinic operates.
2 Watch the short video –
Then research the topic of Big Data & Analytics for Healthcare specifically.
Write a minimum one page explaining how it works and also if in your opinion it is Ethical or not.
After reading Chapter 6 answer the following question:
. Bethesda Hospital recently has developed an occupational medicine program. It wants to target employers in
the Baltimore metropolitan area. The director of the program has a range of services within this program
including toxicology assessment, education around issues such as preventing back injuries and stress
management, and providing medical treatment at factories, should it be desired.
Suggest three alternative ways the customer base for this new service could be segmented, and indicate how
each base of segmentation would result in a change in the marketing mix.

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