Headaches type commonly associated with Fibromyalgia

Advanced Pathophysiology

One paragraph

1) What is Dual-photon absorptiometry (DXA) test for?

2) What is the Electromyogram (EMG) Test porpoise?

One paragraph

3) Osteoporosis.

a. Concept

b. Clinical manifestations

c. Prevention.

One paragraph

4) Osteoarthritis

a. Concept

b. Clinical manifestations

c. Basic pathophysiology.

One paragraph

5) Osteoarthritis related nodes in hands: make a description of it.

6) Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

a. Concept

b. Symptoms

c. Pathophysiology

d. Differentiates nodes location with Osteoarthritis.

One paragraph

7) what is Caplan Syndrome in RA?

8) Which group of medications can not be missed on the treatment for RA and Why?

9) Gout Disease:

a. Clinical Stages

b. Symptoms.

One paragraph

10) Gout Disease:

a. Basic pathophysiology

b. Causes

11) Fibromyalgia:

a. Clinical manifestations

b. Diagnosis is based on an Point Scoring system, how it works?

c. What is an important headaches type commonly associated with Fibromyalgia?

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