Has their series started in culture

This exercise is intended to lead you to examine either a current or late preacher, who in your opinion, is modeling series preaching well. This aligns with the course in that one of the many techniques the emerging preacher will use is an extended series of messages dealing with a book of the Bible, an emerging cultural phenomenon, or perhaps even a series on the major doctrines of the Bible.


  1. In reviewing the content of this unit, prepare a Word document of no less than 250 words, and respond to the following five questions:
    o Has their series started in the text and then looked out to culture, or has their series started in culture and looked back into the text?
    o How many sermons have they settled on in their series, and ins far as you can tell, why this number?
    o What instigated this series- in other words, why did they choose this particular series?
    o Insofar as you can tell, what impact has this series had on the viewers?
    o If this were your series, how might you approach it differently?

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