Guidelines for Written Report on Seismic Risk Analysis

Seismic Risk Analysis Written Report
Guidelines for Written Report on Seismic Risk Analysis

After completing your homework on Seismic Risk Analysis along the Ohio River, open the Site Investigation Report Template and complete the section entitled, “Seismic Risk Analysis on the Ohio River.” This should be a summary of no more than 1000 words describing the results of your seismic risk analysis and discussing whether or not you think the possibility of induced seismicity in the area is a concern justifying deeper research, and if so, what key issues need to be resolved. You should clearly justify your conclusions with reference to the evidence you considered in your homework and any other evidence you find in your readings. For example, you should review the poster produced by the West Virginia Geological Survey listed under “WVseismic” in the Resources folder in the Lessons section of Isidore.

You will very likely want to refer to the following figures in this section:

1) A map created with Google Earth Pro of injection well sites, known faults and known epicenters in Washington County.

2) One or more Mohr diagrams illustrating your risk analysis.

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