Guideline for Menu planning and product development,

Guideline for Menu planning and product development,

Task A : Produce a research report describing the factors influencing menu planning and menu product development processes
a)    Discuss the principles of recipe development

–    Menu planning
–    Types of menu : A’ la Carte , Table d’ Hote, Carte du Jour, Prix fixe, Menu degustation
–    Food production method :  Traditional method,  Cook-freeze method (danger zone, blast freezing, blast chilling,blast thawing) , Sous-vide method,Cook – Chill method

b)    Assess factors that influence menu planning decisions

–    Developing a menu ‘policy’ : Competition, Location, Current trends, Space and equipment in the kitchen, Supplies ,Costs, Food alergies, Number and capabilities of staff , Food labeling regulations 1999
–    Principles of menu planning : customer characteristics , food characteristics , recources

c)    Discuss factors that influence service methods
Advantages    Disadvantages
1.Table/Plate Service
2.Counter/Buffet service
3.A’la Carte
4.Table d’hote
5.Silver/Russian Service
6.Family/English service
7.Gueridon/Flambe 8.Specialist Food Service

d)    Discuss the stages of menu product development planning
–    Idea generation : Market trend , Consumer trend , Focus group, Employees , Brainstorming of new menu, Service, Restaurant concept, New product development (NPD)
–    Idea screening and concept testing : Recources,Developing and Marketing, Feasibility, Cost, Production issues
e)    Evaluate influences on the development process
–    Business analysis
–    Profitability
–    Breakeven point
–    Market Testing
–    Technical Implementation
–    Adverting and other promotion
–    New product pricing
–    Impact of new product
–    Value analysis
–    Value segments
–    Product costs ( fixed & variable)
–    Forecast of unit volimes
–    Revenue and profit
TASK B : Produce a research report presenting your findings and recommendations related to a food service environment and develop a new food service concept
3.1 justify a menu design to reflect the menu compilation and recipe development
3.2 justify the development of the food service environment to support the menu, recipe and service style
Both 3.1 & 3.2 are very closely linked. Therefore you can answer them together in your Assignment
You need to find an example of a food outlet (i.e. restaurants, fast food outlets, coffee shops), and then discuss the issues in respect to the products they offer, types of customer, prices, décor, service style, environment, background , music, colourings, staff uniforms, the overall themes of the establishment  . At first you need to have an introduction of the food outlet- what types of outlet, what do they do.
Can you write for  “ HAZEV”  Restaurant in Canary Warf ( London) , please .


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