Group #21 Case Study team inventory

Group #21 Case Study team inventory

We’re giving you the broad strokes of the type of report we want. Its purpose is for your team to demonstrate their understanding of the material, and their ability to

apply it to real life. Rather then giving you tons of details of what to write – we are tapping into your expertise as communication students for you to plan and

execute your own ideas.

You will prepare a Report as if your team were consultants hired to explicate a real-world circumstance for a local government or corporation. Find a real-world event

that illustrates some aspect of the course themes – discrimination, stereotyping, underperformance, recursive poverty, intergroup-based injustice, intergroup conflict,

hate speech – some occurrence that appears to have unfairly limited the rights, life style, sense of safety, self-expression, creativity, “ability to just get on,

peaceably, with one’s life” that occurred because of someone’s identity. In other words, find a story about someone being victimized by prejudice, and/or threats to

their identity

The event will have been in the news from several sources, because you will need at least three separate coverage pieces. The event been in the news recently, let’s

say in the past few months – since school started Fall semester – August 15th.

The real event you choose does not have to be violent or horribly negative, although it might be. One possibility that could happen, although I think it might be rare,

is a positive event that seems to embody such an extraordinary breakthrough for remedy that it warrants a report from the COM 471 perspective.

Pick an event that would be of great concern for the authorities (corporation executives, school administrators, city council, governor’s office, church, synagogue or

mosque headquarters, etc.)  – enough so they hire you to explicate (that means break it all the way down: including  investigate, analyze, and detail plans for remedy.

Group #21 Case Study team inventory
(this instruction is summarized from my teammates, just follow this one)
and my name is wang, my tasks in the following I marked.
Our group has decided to focus on the shooting of Rumain Brisbon as our topic. Brisbon was a 34-year-old black man who was killed in the Phoenix, Arizona area

in early December. At the time of the incident, Brisbon was unarmed. This follows in the same vein as other major national news stories, such as Michael Brown in

Ferguson, Missouri, and Eric Garner in New York City, where white police officers have killed unarmed black men. The Com 471 theme we are using to analyze the Brisbon

case is Intergroup Conflict, specifically between whites and blacks as well as the police and minorities.
Our group members will complete the following tasks:
•    Shawn: Thoroughly summarize the various reports and sources of the crime evidence, as well as a similarities and differences between other major cases, such as

Michael Brown and Eric Garner. This should take 3-4 pages.
•    Curtis: Discuss the harmful effects the Brisbon case and related cases have on race relations and public opinion of the police, over the course of 3-5 pages.
•    Karan and Wang (this is me): Research, via Steele and through other scholarly works, the current situation involving race relation and the police, provide a

course of remedy for the Phoenix Police Department and its chief, and explain why the chosen course of remedy is appropriate for the situation. This should also be

about 3-4 pages per person.
(this is my part!!)
The following links are our initial sources for beginning our case study.


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