Great speaker

  1. For this assignment, you will find a great speaker, enjoy the presentation, and then write about it. Watch a speaker for at least 15 minutes which involves one person speaking to many (i.e., not an interview, scripted show, etc.). This could be a class, presentation, workshop, etc. It may be viewed in person or online; TED Talks satisfy this requirement.
  2. Write a 300-500 word, double-spaced paper briefly describing the situation and critiquing the various aspects of the speaker’s message and/or delivery – just as we have been doing in class. Also, explain at least one technique used by the speaker that you might want to try in your next presentation. Your paper must include the following sections using headings in BOLD:

  • Speaker description and explanation of speech content
  • Praises for the speaker
  • Areas of improvement for the speaker
  • What I can use for my own presentations

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