Government Contracting Proposal Evaluation Criteria

Government Contracting Proposal Evaluation Criteria

Order Description
Several offers are expected for an upcoming solicitation for program management support to a program office for a five-year contract. You must develop evaluation factors for this upcoming solicitation.
Evaluator Role:

• corporate experience
• past performance (ascertained via questionnaire)
• management approach
• technical solution


For the role of Technical Solution only, create sub-factor evaluation criteria for the upcoming solicitation:

This will be a two-page response

Page 1

• Develop three specific sub-factors that will be used to evaluate all offerors for the upcoming program management support solicitation.
• Each sub-factor will have a description of fewer than 10 words.
• Each sub-factor will also be explained as to its rationale for being used.

Page 2

• Include a one-page summary explaining the importance of each factor in relation to the other factors.

Use the current FAR as a reference

Federal Regulation Acquisition. (2005). FAR Part 14. Retrieved from:

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