Governance and Public Policy/ Post respond

Governance and Public Policy/ Post respond
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Hi writer this is post replay activity not an essay. My previous original post that you did (attached)

Constructively respond to another student’s original post (attached). A constructive response is one which supports the original author in the development of their opinion or argument. It is not necessarily a negative piece, often constructive responses will identify the areas that they agree with before moving on to discuss or comment on the aspects that they challenge.
To satisfactorily complete this task you will need to:
1. Choose a thought (1 or 2 or 3) to make an original post about.
2. Write your opinion about the ideas/question presented in the thought you have chosen. Include examples to illustrate your ideas.
3. Post your opinion to the relevant discussion board.
4. Make a constructive reply to another person’s post.

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