Global Strategy And International Management

Global Strategy And International Management

The Main body of 2,000 words (Absolute Maximum cannot be negotiated) is required, an allowance of 750 words for the Appendix, Table of Contents and references is

included. All recommendations in the instructions must be done. including:

1. Table summarising findings in appendix cross-referenced to part B.
2. refer Contry reports from Austrade, Asian Development Bank, Business reports by consulting firms such as McKinsey’s Consulting, PWC, Del, oitte, KPMG, Ernst, &

Young and
BDO. (As references)

Individual Assignment, MMM306– Trimester 1, 2015
Due: 2 April 2015, 11.59 pm (AEST) Weight: 20% for report
Word limit: 2000 words upper limit without exception (excludes diagrams, tables and references). Assignments exceeding the word limit will incur a deduction of 20% of

awarded marks.
The purpose of the assignment is for you to develop your skills in:
a) application of theory that you are learning in this unit to a real life industry
b) conducting relevant research using online textual, graphic and numeric information;
c) drawing conclusions by reconciling complex information from a variety of sources within a given word limit;
d) critical thinking;
e) problem solving
f) global citizenship values
g) presentation of a business report;
Project Brief (the assignment)
You are a strategy analyst who is required to provide a report (based on your research and theoretical knowledge) on the scope of setting up Coles supermarket chain of

outlets in Myanmar. Your report should primarily analyse two aspects, namely:
1. The competitive structure of the supermarket industry in Myanmar,
2. The nature of resources that need to be deployed in setting up Coles supermarkets in Myanmar.
Please read the following assignment requirements carefully as their purpose is to provide clear guidance to you about the content, presentation and submission

requirements for the assignment.
Content requirements
Please read the content requirements listed below before you start work on the assignment. The emphasis is on analyses of industry based and resource based views as

applicable and evidence of research work done. The report should conclude with at least four recommendations that are linked to theory. It is absolutely essential that

you read the textbook, journal papers and do sufficient reference work that is reflected in the actual analysis work done within the assignment linking your analysis

and recommendations with theory and facts. Assignments without these will fail to meet the minimum academic standards.
Your assignment is expected to have the following features and content:
a. Introduction (recommended maximum 250 words) should include a brief statement on the current state of the industry in Myanmar followed by a paragraph explaining the

layout of the report. You may include a note on the nature of data/other information that you collected.
b. Industry situation and Resource analysis (recommended maximum 1000 words, excluding tables or diagrams) involves analysis and a discussion of the current industry

and resource (supply chain in particular) frameworks within which the supermarket industry operates in Myanmar. It is strongly recommended that a table summarising

your findings is placed as an appendix with appropriate cross-references to this section. This will provide a sound analytical base from which recommendations for

expansion of Coles into Myanmar can be made. References for completing this section include theory from Chapters 2 to 3 of your text in addition to references of

reputed academic journals and other reference work.
c. Recommendations (recommended maximum of 500 words, excluding tables or diagrams)
The justification for each recommendation has to be based on theory and facts related to Myanmar. Mere opinions without sufficient theoretical and factual analysis

will not count as recommendations by a strategy analyst. It is recommended that you refer country reports from Austrade, Asian Development Bank, and/or reports from

consulting firms such as McKinsey’s Consulting, PWC, Deloitte, KPMG, Ernst & Young, BDO and anything that informs you to make a better recommendation. Please ensure

that you make a critical appraisal as to relevance of the information/ data prior to using it. All your recommendations are to be presented in a point form with

explanations, references to other sections of the report, references to current business reports, country reports etc. Remember that this section should draw on work

done and reported by you in the previous section. Your recommendations should clearly demonstrate understanding of theory and its application in a real world scenario.

This section should also demonstrate your commitment to global citizenship in the nature of recommendations you make (for example respect and sensitivity to other

cultures and the host country).
Main sources of information:
a) Country reports from Austrade;
b) Industry reports from Myanmar (no blog sites to be used)
c) Asian Development Bank reports (economic and business outlook)
d) Business reports by consulting firms such as McKinsey’s Consulting, PWC, Deloitte, KPMG, Ernst & Young and BDO.
Presentation requirements – report format
a) A cover page with the title of the report and your name and student ID number
b) A table of contents followed by contents as explained above.
c) A list of the references you have cited in your report.
d) Appendices. These should be used sparingly and must be referred to in the body of your report e.g., “see Appendix 1 for…..”
Word count (cover page, table of contents, references, appendices are not included)
Please indicate at the end of your report the total number of words of your report. Please do not exceed the limit of 2000 words. Words that are in excess of 2000

words, with the exception of those in the cover page, table of content, references and appendices, will lose 20% marks after normal marking is done. The list of

references should be in alphabetical order, consistently presented and comprehensive. If you give a web address for a document, also include the date on which it was

accessed. You must accurately cite all key pieces of data used in your report. You must use in text referencing (i.e. the Harvard Style) and draw up a list of

references at the end.
G. Submission of your assignment
Assignments should be submitted online. They are counted as ‘on time’ if submitted by 11:59pm AEST or AEDST on 2 April, 2015.
Other reminders:
1. Please ensure your assignment is in MSWord format (please do not submit PDF documents as they will not be marked).
2. Provide your name and ID on the front of your assignment.
3. Hard copies of your assignment are not required and if submitted will not be marked nor returned. Only online submissions are required. Please do not submit by

email either.
4. Extensions of time for submitting the assignment will be granted as per University policy only in those cases where requests are covered under the policy and not

otherwise. All applications for extension of time have to be made by email addressed to the unit chair at [email protected] prior to the due date.
H. Assessment criteria
The total amount of marks for this assignment is 20 and this represents 20% of the total unit marks. Your assignment will be assessed using a marking rubric placed on

cloud deakin. The use of this marking rubric ensures that students’ assignments are marked by the same standards and criteria no matter who marks the assignment. If

you are unsure about the meaning of any criterion, please seek clarification from the Unit Chair. All assignments will be marked online and the main feedback tool will

be the marking rubric.


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