Global Marketing Management

Global Marketing Management


You are to prepare a business report for your chosen company’s senior management team (SMT). This will conclude by recommending ONE target country from a long-list of THREE – France, Germany, Italy – and ONE method-of-entry. Specifically you are to address the following points in your assignment:

1. Executive Summary (200): of your purpose, key findings and recommendations.
2. Applied Competitive Advantage (400): explain in outline, first, how your firm’s value chain operates today in the UK. Then, second, indicate if/how it would change if, in future, your firm operated internationally. Keep this information in mind next in (3).
3. Macro-Analysis (1250): (i) explain in brief the macro-environmental (‘PESTEL’) analysis and assessment process; (ii) provide a PESTEL for your company vs. the three ‘long-list’ countries (PLEASE NOTE: you are strongly recommended to restrict the number of PESTEL variables to between six and eight); (iii) carry forward your first choice to (4) next.
4. Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (300): next check and assess the opportunity offered by your first choice by: (i) carrying out a segmentation and targeting assessment of the new market opportunity; and (ii) briefly indicating how you would identify and execute viable product/brand positioning to achieve success.
5. Market-Entry Strategy (750): finally (i) explain, analyse and assess – presenting both advantages and disadvantages – a short-list of THREE market-entry options; and (ii) present and support a final recommendation for the most appropriate market-entry solution for your firm.
6. Next Steps (100): if your company’s SMT approves your recommendation, indicate the two or three most important steps that you will take next to move this project forward.

What’s fictional?

We now assume that the senior management team (SMT) of your chosen company is considering entry into international markets for the first time.

However, that SMT has LITTLE OR NO knowledge about how global markets work. OR about how best to enter those markets.

Accordingly, it has just hired you as its first International Marketing Manager. Congratulations! And please be aware that the team sees you as the house ‘expert’. Your overall task is to develop international business OR, in the case of Sunspel, to develop a classic offline international business.

Fictional Background for CW001

On your first day in the job, your managing director (MD) tells you that he and his SMT colleagues have:

• Now decided to consider launching in the European Union
• Agreed the following short-list of target-countries: France, Germany, Italy
• Want you to prepare an initial confidential business report which:

Explains how your firm’s value chain already operates today in the UK AND if/how it might change if, in future, the firm operated internationally.
Provides a macro-environmental (PESTEL) analysis and assessment of the SMT’s three ‘long-list’ countries. This section is to conclude with a clear ‘first choice’ recommendation.
Checks and confirms the viability of your ‘first choice’ PESTEL recommendation. First, by supplying a segmentation and targeting analysis of the market. Second, by identifying and illustrating appropriate product/brand positioning necessary for success in the market.
Explains and assesses the range of market-entry options available. And presents and justifies a recommendation as to the most appropriate market-entry solution for your firm.

In addition, the MD tells you that it is important that your report must begin with a simple executive summary and close with your a brief set of recommended next steps.


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