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Global Marketing

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please use a previous done analysis (i will upload it as ” UNIQLO_Mohammed_Faisal_Aliyu_1507655.doc.pdf “) as a background to develop the Marketing Plan for Uniqlo’s entry into the chosen market(Brazil as said in the attachment).
Please follow the guidel ines below:
Marketing Plan Outline:
I. Title Page
· Student name and number.
II. Executive Summary
· This is the last section written and should focus on presenting your main goals
and recommendations. It should not be longer than 1 page.
III. Country selected (summary of the market analysis from attachement ” UNIQLO_Mohammed_Faisal_Aliyu_1507655.doc.pdf “;
this should be not longer than 500 words).
· The National Business Environment; Market and Size Potential; Competitors
IV. Entry Mode Selection
· Justify the choice of entry mode.
V. Target Market–begin the market analysis with a description of the target
market for the firm with in the new country. If this market differs greatly from the firm’s existing market, explain how the firm will change its marketing strategy to meet theneeds of this new market.
· Focus on the target market’s needs and benefits of the firm’s products that
meet these needs.
VI. Marketing Objectives
a. Examples of “vague”marketing objectives(what NOT to do):
· Satisfy customers
· Be located in the right place
b. Examples of“actionable”marketing objectives(what TO DO):
· Earn a 10% ROI by the second year of operations
· Increase market share from16% to 18% by the end of fiscal year 2009
VII. Marketing Strategies to reach Marketing Objectives
a.Product strategies
.How innovative is the product?
.Product adaptations.
. Compare it to competitors’products.
b. Pricing strategies
· Customary markups.
· Types of discounts available.
· Compare to competitors’prices.
Promotion strategies
· Media used to reach the target market.
· Sales promotion used.
· Value of personal selling.
d. Compare it to competitors’promotion.
Distribution strategies
· Port selection.
· Mode of transportation selection.
· Packaging.
· Documentation needed.
· Typical retail outlets.
· Product sales by middlemen.
· Compare it to competitors’distribution.
VIII. Final Recommendations Marking criteria:
WORD COUNT: 4000 WORDS, Use attachement “UNIQLO_Mohammed _Faisal_Aliyu.doc.pdf” to complete.
The overall marking criteria are as follows:
1. Extent of coverage of relevant issues
2. Quality of data collected and depth of analysis
3. Application of relevant global marketing theories, models & principles
4. Quality of presentation (structure, referencing, grammar, neatness, etc.)
Assessment Criteria
To achieve the learning outcome you must demonstrate the ability to:
· Select and apply appropriate marketing frameworks and global marketing concepts
· Demonstrate that your proposed marketing strategies and tactics meet your proposed marketing objectives
· Identify relevant sources and research the information needed for planning purposes
· Present information effectively, including evidence to support your proposed solutions
In order to achieve an’ A’ grade you need to show a thorough understanding of the purpose of the exerci se by demonstrating the following:
· Use appropriate marketing frameworks and concepts to propose marketing strategies for market entry of Uniqlo
· The market planning is exhaustive and covers all relevant areas
· Objectives are SMART; proposed marketing strategies and tactics meet the
proposedobjectives;Providemarketingstrategiesthat‘flow’fromtheanalysis and meet the stated marketing objectives
· Use numerous relevant sources of information to support the planning; datasources are reliable
· Select critical points, evaluate them and communicate the conclusions effectively
· Immaculate presentation and referencing, use of tables or graphs where
appropriate and useful

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