Global labour migration

Topic: Global labour migration

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Answer the following questions using simple english.

Week 7: Global labour migration
1. Rupert and Solomon claim that in order to understand globalisation, we need
to understand the difference in ‘form and process’ (p. 83) of current
globalisation. What do they mean by this?
2. What is the difference between a ‘structural’ and a ‘reductionist’ account of
migration (p. 84)? Why do Rupert and Solomon argue that we need a
structuralist account?
3. What is ‘remittance income’? Why is it important for LCDs?
4. What makes the following statement neoliberal in perspective:
‘…[L]iberalization policies that reduce the friction of goods, services, and
finance as they move across borders will inexorably lead to greater welfare for
countries making the exchange and hence, greater global welfare’?
5. What are some of the consequences of labour migration for countries such as
Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Philippines, and Nepal?
6. How do global economic inequalities facilitate trafficking in persons?

I will upload the sources later. the answers are in the reading and video. answers should not be vague and they must be specific.

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