Global Financial Meltdown

Global Financial Meltdown

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Global Financial Meltdown

Write 3 pages, double-spaced.
This paper will not be graded for grammar or APA. Be sure to write in complete sentences.
This activity is worth 20 points added to your final exam.

For your very first sentence, tell me who (which one group/industry) do you think is primarily responsible for the financial crisis? (for example, grocers, politicians, lawyers, corporate CEO’s, labor unions, etc).

The first page should be a summary of this documentary. The second page should be your response to the subject matter and include the subjects listed below. Tell specifically how this subject applies to the lives of U.S. citizens today.

(2 hrs 49 min)

Subjects that must be included in your paper:
Wall Street
Incident at Caterpillar in France
General Motors in Canada
New York

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