GI tract

GI tract

Unit 10 Assignment – Short Essays

The immune system and colonic flora of the bowel exist in a delicate balance.  Disruptions to this balance is a likely cause of inflammatory bowel disease.IBD are a group of bowel disorders characterized by the chronic inflammation and destruction of the bowel wall.

In a short response format, distinguish Crohn disease from ulcerative colitis based on the following characteristics:

Crohns Disease    Ulcerative colitis
Signs and Symptoms
Diagnosis and Treatment
Colon cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death.  In a short essay, first describe the development of colon cancer.  Next, identify and describe clinical measures performed to early identification of the neoplasm.  Finally, discuss the oncological staging strategy to classify neoplasm progression.

The GI tract is an extremely active (“busy”) place.  This area is exposed to the outside world through the fluids and food we consume.
1.    Select a single infection or inflammatory event of the GI tract
2.    What is the affected organ?
3.    Describe the etiology of the disease.
4.    What are the signs/symptoms/treatments for the disease?

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