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Please log in to to view the material you should cover in this discussion(L4&L5) The user name is liuzhang and the password is CherryLZ8. And please cite the news and pictures you used in the discussion. Thanks very much.
Region Discussions
Note 1: Before posting to this discussion, you must complete the required readings (online lessons and textbook sections) for both regions assigned for the week. A list of the discussion topics and their associated lessons follows.
Discussion 2: L4. Megalopolis and L5. Great Lakes & Corn Belt
Intermontane West & MexAmerica
Discussion 5: L10. California and L11. Pacific Northwest
Note 2: Good discussions demonstrate analysis and meaningful connections between concepts, and include references to the lessons and readings, others’ posts, and one’s own experiences. As you contribute your original responses and replies, work on your academic rigor by including analyses and references.
Post an Original Response (due Wednesday, see the course schedule for all dates)
Create a new post in which you address all items 1, 2, and 3 below, based on the assigned lesson and textbook readings for the current week. You should consider writing your response in a Word document and then copy/pasting your response into the discussion post so that you can do a spell check, do not lose your work, and you can save a copy for reference.
For each region, complete (or fill-in) the following statement:

Before I read the lesson, I thought [your answer here] about [name of the region]. Now that I have learned about this region, I know that [your answer here].
Be sure to include at least one specific preconception (true or false) you had about the region, and one specific thing that you learned from the readings that confirmed your preconception or disproved it.
You should have two statements total, one for each region.
From one of the two regions, find an image and insert it into your post. Write a 2-3 sentence caption for it. Be sure to include the source of your photo, even if it is just a name and date. See lesson and text images for examples of captions and citations.
Flickr Creative Commons is a good source of photographs. When you find a photo that is available for use, you can get a share link or download the medium size of the photo. Just be sure you include the photographer and date the photo was taken, and that it is a photo from the creative commons.
To insert a photo into a discussion thread, click on the insert image icon along the top menu bar.
Do not copy text word for word from any source, including the lesson and textbook. Always, put information in your own words!
From the other region (the one you did not do the image captioning for), find a news article that discusses a relevant news item, event or phenomenon, and include a link to the article and a citation for it. Write 2-3 sentences describing the event or phenomenon and why it is relevant to the what you learned in the course readings.
Do not copy text word for word from any source, including article, lesson, and textbook. Always, put information in your own words!
Replies to Others (due Friday, see schedule for all dates)
After posting your original response, you will be allowed to see the posts and replies of students in your discussion group. Check out what those students have written and reply to at least one person. Your reply should significantly contribute to the academic discourse on this topic.
Note 3: While you only need to reply to one person, you are strongly encouraged to participate more by replying to several people. Not only will this help increase your understanding of the material, it will also increase your chances of getting full credit on at least one reply. Besides, you will be taking advantage of the opportunity to interact with fellow students in the class, which may actually be informative and fun!
Grading of Discussion Posts
You are required to submit a discussion post (one post covers two regions) and reply every week. However, you will only be graded on three of your posts (associated replies) throughout the session (worth 10 points each) at random for a total possible discussion post grade of 30 points. On any given week, your instructor may or may not grade your post and, similar to a pop quiz, you will not know on what weeks you will be graded, so be sure to complete your post and reply every week. Both an original post AND one thoughtful response to another student are necessary to receive full credit.
Note 4: The goal of these discussion posts is to not only expand the cognitive development students, but also create a smaller learning community within the larger section. Posting in a timely manner and engaging with your assigned group is critical to learning and will also improve your overall grade in the course.

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