General education teacher is an important part of being a special education

roviding support for the general education teacher is an important part of being a special education teacher and Autism Specialist. Inclusion is vital for all student success, but many general education teachers do not receive sufficient training to support students with disabilities and less training to support students with low-incident disabilities, such as ASD.

Imagine you are supporting a general education teacher in planning a lesson for an inclusive environment. Select one general education lesson and using the “COE Lesson Plan Template,” amend it to support the student with autism you observed during your field experience. This can be a lesson you adapt or one you create specifically for the classroom of students. Keep in mind all of the student’s strengths and weaknesses and what they need to be successful during the lesson. If you have not had the opportunity to work with a student with autism in your field experience, choose one of the students from the “Autism Programmatic Case Studies” to inform student needs. Always use a pseudonym when referring to the student to protect their identity.

In addition to the template, keep in mind your lesson plan should address the following areas related to ASD:

Lesson Preparation

Lesson summary with a focus on supporting your student with ASD.
Classroom and student factors – Describe the important classroom factors and their effect on students with ASD.
Specific learning targets/objectives – Apply an understanding of individual learning differences with targeted objectives for individuals with ASD.
Academic language – Include a bulleted list of the academic vocabulary that will be accessible to your student with ASD.
Resources, materials, equipment, and technology – List all adaptive and general resources and materials that will be used in the lesson to support students with ASD.

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