Foster Care Impacting the Education of Latino Children

Foster Care Impacting the Education of Latino Children
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Assignment – Research Project Proposal and Presentation

Part I

The purpose of this assignment is to design a research project that demonstrates students’ ability to apply research methods to social work practice. The research design must be quantitative and explanatory in nature (exploratory/descriptive studies do not meet these criteria). It can be applicable to micro, mezzo or macro social work practice.

Students are required to focus their research proposals on issues impacting predominantly Hispanic/Mexican Americans. The proposal must clearly make the linkages between the problem being addressed and the Hispanic population. Further, each section of the proposal must “flow” from your research question and must be supported by research.

The proposed study must be explanatory in purpose and must be contemporary and relevant to social work. Students are encouraged to select a research question that is related to their field education experience. Study groups are encouraged, but each student must write his or her own proposal.
Students are required to include 15-20 scholarly, peer reviewed journal articles to support their respective research question and overall proposal. Scholarly articles must be written within the prior 10 years. You will need to conduct a search via OLLU library data base holdings to locate appropriate articles for your proposal. Wikipedia is NOT considered scholarly.

The research proposal must include the following and students must substantiate points with reference citation (see attachment). Taking long quotations from references or stringing long quotations from several references DOES NOT constitute critical thinking, or synthesis of the information. Please be reminded of policy on plagiarism.
•A cover page
•A brief abstract (see the APA Manual)
•A detailed Table of Contents
•Section I: Problem Statement and Literature Review
•Section II: Theoretical/Conceptual Framework
•Section III: Research Design
1.Research design
2.Sampling procedures
4.Data collection & Analysis procedures
5.Protection of human rights
•Section IV: Discussion/Conclusion
•A complete References list

•Appendix (as appropriate)
•The Add Submission button for the paper is at the very bottom of this page.
Grading: The evaluation of the final proposal will be based on the degree to which the proposal addresses relevant theoretical and methodological issues. Please see Grading Criteria and Rubric in the Sylla

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