Formative assessment

Formative assessment

The formative assessment requires you to identify a topic of change and justify its selection, supporting your choice with an evidenced based rationale. Your choice of

topic might reflect an issue at a professional, strategic or national level or could be an area you would wish to change in the future. The topic area should be

relevant to your area of professional practice and programme of study. Finally you must ensure that your essay is entirely supported by an evidenced based rationale.
Word Limit: 750 words

My topic is (Transition from conventional X-ray to digital system in military hospital in Saudi Arabia).
N.B. Please replace ((Transition)) word to synonym word. Because all student use this two words: Transition and changing.
You can divide formative essay to:
Introduction +Rational of the study (It is main course 300 to 400 words
) + conclusion. If you recommended me to add new important sub-heading that is ok.
The big idea of formative is:
What? ……..the change?
Who?……..The stakeholder?
Why?……..What are the benefits from this change ?
What are the key questions must be answer in the formative assessment?
What is the topic area?
Has the area of practice been clearly establish, if so, how?
Is this an appropriate planned change?

Rational of study:
Does it appear relevant to professional / field of practice?
Does it seen important to enhance care delivery, professional practice?
Evidence base:
What literature source are supporting this change as (evidence based)?
What vision is being establishing strategic? Operational? Both? How?

**  Strong references , use a lot of evidence to support your idea . Newest references (not before 2004).
** Plagiarism percentage less than 15%.

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