Foods and Nutrition Program

Foods and Nutrition Program
Introductory Nutrition

Critique of a Weight Loss Diet
(50 points)

A.    Select a weight-loss diet from the popular literature (magazine, book, newspaper, Internet, commercial program).  Examples:  Select a diet from the current popular media.
B.    Turn in a copy of the diet with the answers to the following questions.

1.    Describe how the diet plan works. What is the major premise promoted by the diet?

2.    Is this a diet you could live with indefinitely?  Why? Or Why not?

3.    Evaluate whether the plan offers a nutritionally sound way to lose weight. What characteristics make it sound or unsound?

4.    Does the diet provide a reasonable number of calories (= 1200 calories)?

5.    What is the recommended rate of weight loss for this diet? Is this a healthful rate?

6.    Is there balance and nutritional adequacy in this diet; are all food groups included in the daily diet?  If not, which group(s) is missing?

7.    Is the diet plan flexible enough to allow for personal preference and variety in food selection?

8.    Are there any Red Flags?  [Note: If you answer “Yes” to one or more of these questions, you may have identified a fad diet.  Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!]

a.    Does the diet make spectacular promises such as “eat-all-you-want” or “melt fat away”

b.    Does the diet offer a promise of quick, easy, effortless, weight loss?

c.    Does the diet promise rapid weight loss (> 2 lbs. per week)?

d.    Does the diet promise results without cutting calories or exercising?

e.    Does the diet use words such as “breakthrough,” “miracle,” “secret remedy,” or “exclusive”?

f.    Is the diet based on pills, supplements, or special formulas?

9.    Does the diet or diet program take individual differences into account to determine caloric needs?

10.    To what extent does the diet plan educate the client about nutrition, behavior modification, and the importance of increasing physical activity?

11.    Does the diet plan or program discuss a weight maintenance plan after the goal weight is achieved?

12.    Does the diet or diet program refer you to professionals such as a registered dietitian or physician?

13.    What is the nature of the advertisements or endorsements for this diet?

14.    How much will the diet cost?  Can you afford it?

Please send me a copy you use to Select a weight-loss diet from the popular literature (magazine, book, newspaper, Internet, commercial program) or current popular media.
Please remember to write the number of the question answered. Please focus on the Question when answered.

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