fleet planning

fleet planning
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You are asked to write a Commercial Report for an online industry news outlet analysing the following
The importance of the fleet planning process to both short-term and long-term management
decision-making in an airline.
To answer this you will need to:
• Discuss how fleet planning considerations are linked to airline strategy
• Address the long and short-term planning considerations needed to be taken by airline managers when
purchasing/leasing new aircraft
• Explain the main challenges associated with aircraft purchasing based on the extensive timeline
between purchase decision and commercial operation
• Contrast and compare the fleet planning choices available to airlines and why these choices have been
• Use academic concepts to support statements and industry examples to illustrate your findings
Examples of aviation commercial and analytic reports can be found in publications such as Airline
Business and online sites such as OAG, CAPA (Centre for Aviation) centreforaviation.com

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