Five Feet Apart

movie review for the following movies

Five Feet Apart (2019 – Haley Lu Richardson)
On the Basis of Sex (2018 – Felicity Jones)
Unbroken (2014 – Jack O’Connell)
Selma (2014 – David Oyelowo)
Cesar Chavez (2014 – Michael Pena)
42 – American Legend (2013 – Chadwick Boseman)
127 Hours (2010 – James Franco)
The Way (2010 – Martin Sheen/Emilio Estevez)

  1. What is the central message of the movie? Do you agree or disagree with the message? Why
    or why not?
  2. What was the strongest emotion that you felt when watching the movie? Did that emotion
    change during any part of the movie? If so, how and why?
  3. Did you learn anything from the movie that could be applied to your life? What did you
    learn from the movie and how could it improve your life or the lives of others?
  4. Who was your favorite character in the movie and why?
  5. Who was your least favorite character in the movie and why?
  6. If you could change anything in the movie, what would you change and why?
  7. Would you recommend this movie to a friend? Why or why not?

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