First Responders Addiction Treatment

A. FRAT stands for First Responders Addiction Treatment and focuses on providing care to emergency personnel and veterans in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The program offers various services that include access to the program’s First Responder 12-step meetings that have other first responders who have recovered and are available for others to talk to along with individual and group counseling. Educating first responders’ families is also available as support groups to families to aid their family members in their journey recovering from substance abuse. Access to nutritionists and dietitians is for the first responders to build a diet suitable to detox the drugs and alcohol out of their bodies and get them back into proper health to eventually go back to work. Once they are ready to go back to work the program also facilitates return-to-work agreements with unions and EAPs to help with the transition back and aid them in any difficulties they might encounter back on the job. Programs like this exist because although substance abuse affects all individuals similarly in terms of symptoms but the different populations in a society can be at a higher risk of developing substance abuse. In particular with first responders, the program exists because they often see so many distressing and unsafe situations in their line of work that could affect them psychologically. Witnessing so much death and trauma in their line of work can be too much and use alcohol and drugs to deal with their own trauma and PTSD.

B. 1)The treatment center I chose was The Recover Village, It is an alcohol abuse and addiction recovery program.
2) It offers various treatments from alcohol to heavy drug addiction and drug detox, it specifically treats police officers struggling with alcohol abuse/addiction.
3) These programs exist so they can focus on a specific population rather than generalizing their treatment because, for example, someone is who in the army could suffer from alcohol addiction because they might’ve made it their coping skill compared to a civilian. So, in this case, The Recovery Village treats Police officers, on their website, it states “Some police officers may use alcohol as a way to cope with the daily stress of their job or as a way to self-medicate for depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder.” This could help their treatment be more specialized in stress management or PTSD.

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