Financial plan

Financial plan

6. Financial plan – This need only be a summary

Your figures must be realistic and therefore you will need to state your costs and assumptions, what you based your projections on and how you arrived at the figures.

This should include:
a. Anticipated sales for the P, expressed as the number of customers served or RFID systems (Tag and Readers)
b. Pricing and expected Income
c. Costs including HR and other resource impacts in other parts of the company
d. Tables showing estimated Profit and Loss (P&L) for Year 1, 2 and 3 and a summary table for the 3-year period.
e. break-even analysis

The business idea: The business idea we have come up with is to create an ASOS Membership card for our customers which will have attached to it a passive RFID system. The ASOS Membership card will allow customers to purchase £10 at the checkout providing them with amazing discounts, and chances to compete in competitions but this only viable with specific amount of points earned. It will and can be used in all participating brands and there is a disclaimer that not every time there will be a discount it is just a way of also collecting points to reach gifts etc. And when we have promotions members will have special benefits. ASOS is very diverse ensuring a lot of brands to shop with as well as unique independant brands that start up with
ASOS so these cards are a good way to reaching more success and as they will be £10 each it will increase revenue. The fact that customers will receive discounts occasionally doesn’t mean we will face a loss because we will ensure that a percentage is given to the participating brand and ASOS. The cards will have an expiry date and so existing members can repurchase
for a cheaper amount of £7. For privacy and safety reasons staff at tills will ask customers for the email they opened account with and a signature.
– ASOS will not actually provide its customers with loyalty cards; hence it is all going to be a virtual system located online. This will minimize numerous costs that could be incurred by the company.
– ASOS loyalty scheme provides its members with free next day delivery for the first 3 months of being a member as a joining gift. (delivery costs for next day (5.95p)
-For every 5 pounds spent on an item the membership card receives a point which worth 1 pound.
– There will be marketing costs (see if there are more).
– use all figures from you research and what you find is realistic
– on average 67 pounds per order spent on items in asos
-9 million people per year buy from asos
– cost of the loyalty card is 10p per year and renew every year with 7p
– estimate how many numbers are expected to sell and calculate from that.

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