Financial Forcasting and Portfoliomanagement

Financial Forcasting and Portfoliomanagement

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Second Order: Portfoliomanagement (with matlab):

You will find all relevant infos in the prepared folders. I would like to get a progressive delivery option, with a short feedback about the project ASAP and then a first draw on Saturday. (after that all 3 days) Further infos: For Matlab: Use the way given cin the practical and not the financial add-in – Please provide stage by stage screenshots for both projects, in order to add to the appendix -Make in-comments in Matlab (what you did) -Use a good but still simple (British) English (I am not native) -Target mark 80% and more. Please read all instructions before beginning and follow the steps we did in the tutorial (see PDFs). You will find the needed data, a prepared layout, some sources,

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