Final Project “Images of Japan”:Anime,Otaku,and hikkomori

Final Project “Images of Japan”:Anime,Otaku,and hikkomori

Order Description
Produce research project that critically examines an image of Japan through analysis of primary cultural sources.
Critically examine an image of Japan: this can be a stereotype, a common image of Japan, or the way Japan is represented in popular culture. Through analyzing cultural sources (2) and secondary scholarly sources (3), projects should question assumptions and provide a deeper understanding of one particular aspect of Japanese culture. In other words, the project should move beyond simply repeating and reinforcing common images (i.e., Japanese people are group-oriented, Japan is a technologically advanced country, etc.) and think critically about representations of Japan and the complexity of these representations.
Final Project Proposal
1.Title and the image that will be examined.

?The title of my final project : The Otaku wave–Japanese Otaku Culture.
?Image that will be examined: this project mainly focus on image and social effects that has been brought by Japanese otaku culture in Japanese society .

2.Two primary cultural sources:

?Anime and Manga:Welcome to N.H.K,NHK ni Youkoso(2008)
?Anime and Novel:No game No life(2014)

3.List of three secondary scholarly sources :

?Hack, B. (2016). Subculture as social knowledge: a hopeful reading of otaku culture. Contemporary Japan, 28(1), pp. 33-57. Retrieved 20 Mar. 2016, from doi:10.1515/cj-2016-0003
?Sone,Yuji.(2014).Canted Desire: Otaku Performance in Japanese Popular Culture. Cultural Studies Review,20(2),pp.196-222
?Patrick.W. Galbraithh (2010).Akihabara: Conditioning a Public “Otaku” Image. Vol. 5, Fanthropologies (2010), pp. 210-230

4.Explanation of how the project will incorporate a Japanese-Language component
The Otaku culture has developed derivative Japanese words that are frequently appeared in Japanese Society , Such as???(Grass-Eating type)????( Not in Education, Employment or Training, NEET).Each word play an identity in modern Japanese culture and cause a series of socio-psychological problems .

5.Paragraph explaining what the project will do :

1).The topic focus on social effects brought by Otaku culture. 2).Key question will be :what does Otaku culture stands for ?Is Otaku culture positive or negative? 3) I will briefly write about the history of Otaku culture(how it came up ,its misconception as geek ,etc.)Then I will focus on positive and negative effects of Otaku on Japanese society ,Discussing how Otaku culture changes the popular culture in Japan. 4).I choose this project because I am an Japanese anime Otaku. I am interested in researching how Otaku culture change the image of Japanese society , and I also wonder how Otaku culture influence young generation’s thinking . 5.)those anime resources help me do the research because both of them are story describing the Otaku’s attitude toward life. NHK ni youkoso is a story about 22 years old college dropout student Satou,who has been a Hikkomori for almost 4 years. By analyzing Satou’s Mental activity as an Otaku who lives with dismay and his attempts to get rid of his frustrated ???life ,I will be able to seek for the negative factors such as isolation and confinements that exist in Otaku culture. On the other hand, No game No life revels the positive side of being an Otaku , explaining Otaku’s rebellious spirit against the pressures imposed by society.

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