Film & Theater studies

Film & Theater studies

Compare Death of A Salesman by Arthur Miller and Fences by August Wilson from the book The NORTON ANTHOLOGY OF DRAMA shorter second edition.
Sources that I just need from this 2 texts in this book.
GENRE PAPER. Write a 6-8 page compare/contrast paper considering two texts in the same genre from this syllabus (genres include tragedy, comedy, comedy of manners, mystery, or allegory, among others), or that respond to each other in some way (such as by adapting the same genre).
• Argue a clear, specific thesis comparing these texts and their use of the genre, in response to this question: How do they demonstrate different interpretations of the same genre?
• It needs to be a genre we have discussed in class; you want to incorporate close reading, textual evidence and analysis to support your bigger ideas about how you see genre working in each play.
• See the handout on compare/contrast papers for more on how to successfully compare texts.


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