Film analysis

Please write a film analysis (film review) paper. 1 hr for watching whatever film you choose. You will only need to analyze ONE film (of your choice) for the analysis. The list of films is as follows (choose the movie yourself):
• Babies
• The Business of Being Born
• Consuming Kids
• Inside the Teenage Brain
• The Suicide Plan For whatever film you to analyze from the list above, the requirement is to clearly and accurately explain how each film addresses concepts and theories front relevant chapters of the text and other relevant course resources. You will use the film analysis sheet, found below, to specific details from the film and explain how that information relates to what we are learning frorn the course, The exact questions from the analysis sheet must be included, so you MUST use the sheet provided OR copy and paste the exact quest number and question to your document. Successful completion of the assignment is the dependent accurate application of theories and milestones from our course. as well as use of the exact questions.

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