Field Experience Report

Field Experience Report
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Regardless of your field experience setting, after your hours are completed, you will summarize your experience in a 500–750-word paper in current APA format. Indicate the type(s) of setting(s) in which you worked and the duties you performed. In a detailed summary, describe the types of instructional activities you carried out, collaborative opportunities experienced within your placement, materials and resources accessed, and how this field experience benefited your knowledge and understanding of children with exceptionalities.


Complete this form to communicate your intended placement and submit to your instructor for review.

Where (Give school or community location.):

I will complete 10 hours at North Springs Chapter High School.

When (Give timeline for completing hours.Be specific.):

I will start on Tuesday February 16, 2016 and will be completed by Friday 19, 2016. I will complete three hours a day until completed.
Types of disabilities you will observe:

EBD and specific learning disability.

Contactperson’s information (phone, email, and position):

Mrs. Juretha Lawson
[email protected]

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