Feelings about Nelson Mandela

For HW last week, you were to watch a movie and take some notes. This discussion assignment is designed to be used with the Week 2 video and has TWO parts. Please watch the video and pause while you write each of your responses below — refer to the movie in your responses; be as specific as possible:


Part ONE: Your Responses (from HW — you may cut and paste excerpts from your Homework)

What are THREE words you would use to describe your feelings about Nelson Mandela?
What important problem did Mandela face coming into office?
We judge that a problem is important by its IMPACT: who was impacted by this problem?
What may have caused the problem?
What did he try in order to solve or mitigate it?
Ultimately, what solution worked best?
How did he implement it?
We can not always solve a problem; sometimes, however, we can mitigate it: how do you know if he succeeded in either solving or mitigating it?

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